swivel secure

Swivel Secure

With remote access now being the norm, being able to authenticate users to access you apps and data is crucial to being secure. Swivel Secure is an industry leader in authentication solutions. With over 20 patents in the UK, Europe and the USA, Swivel Secure’s multi-factor authentication solution provides organisations with an award winning solution for protecting their applications and data from unauthorised access.

Patented PINsafe® technology provides unparalleled security for organisations and as the security string framework is displayed in an extensive range of authentication factors, so maximum adoption can be achieved throughout the organisation.

AuthControl Sentry, MSP and Enterprise are Swivel Secure’s leading products that support on-premise and cloud infrastructures. So if you are looking for a multifactor Authentication solution for your business, find out more on Swivel Secure from RealServe IT.

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