Zero-Trust Protection for Hybrid and Remote Working

SentryBay secure corporate applications accessed on unmanaged BYOD/BYOPC, as well as corporate devices against information-stealing malware and other threats to data.

SentryBay’s Armored Client prevents data loss from devices, creating digital parity for remote users.

A unique combination of application confinement, kernel level anti-keylogging, screen capture and DLL-injection protection, helps enterprises achieve low-cost deployment and full regulatory compliance via a cloud management and delivery platform.

SentryBay uses its patented technology to provide a lightweight, secure environment to solve the key security issues for VDI, Cloud Workspaces and apps / web services.

Discovery how to easily and quickly protect your apps and data for remote working on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and thin client endpoints with SentryBay and RealServe IT.

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