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Traditionally printer assignments are performed via scripting and AD group membership. This technique means complicated administration and ineffective printer mappings for users as they are clumped into groups to ease the administrative burden. Users may also be forced to have a standard default printer for their department which may not be best suited to everyone within that department.

PrintMap allows the management of printer assignments on a per user basis while also making administration easier. Printmap also allows users to be assigned default printers on a per user basis.

Console Based Printer Administration

Administration is made simple with a console to assign printers to users and groups.

A logical layout of the company’s physical structure can be made to make administration intuitive. By organizing printers into folders based on physical locations and departments administration becomes easier, and the structure allows for self -service option for users to easily find and add printers for themselves.


PrintMap provides a self-service tool to allow users to manage their printer themselves while still remaining within the administrative framework of Printmap. The printer selection tool offers users a friendly view of the company’s printers by location and department as drawn out by IT administration. This is much more intuitive than the standard windows find a printer method. Users can add or remove printers and change their default printers. Users remain centrally managed even after managing their own printers.


PrintMap is designed for scale. User assignments can be stored in XML files or SQL.

Improve Logon Speed

Traditional solutions that use AD group membership checks to perform printer assignment are inefficient by design. They use the logic of checking every printer in the company to see if the user requires it. PrintMap’s logic is simple, it maps the printers assigned to the user logging on. PrintMap also ensures that printers that are not on the user’s assignment list are removed. This tidy up ensures optimum performance and clean printer list for the user.


Printmap provides the ability for administrators to produce reports on printer assignments. This ability is beneficial in the event of that printer server or printer names require change. This commonly occurs during server consolidations, moves and data centre relocation’s. Traditional solutions provide no ability to see what printers users have assigned to themselves producing a risk at migration time.

Simple Migration

PrintMap has a CSV import feature designed to make initial migration from your current environment to PrintMap quick a simple. This technique makes the import of 1000’s of printers into the PrintMap solution possible within minutes. This makes migration easy from any of the following current printer assignment techniques:

  • VB Scripts, PowerShell script, KIX Scripts
  • Group Policy
  • Citrix Policies (XenApp & XenDesktop)


PrintMap is a solution to manage printer assignments for networked printers. The end user environment can be virtual (Citrix, Microsoft RDS, VMware etc.) or tradition networked physical Windows devices.

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