Make your Everywhere Workplace possible.

In the Everywhere Workplace, employees use myriad devices to access IT networks, applications, and data to stay productive as they work from anywhere. Ivanti makes the Everywhere Workplace possible.

Ivanti automates managing the endpoint through a single pane which enables you to detect, manage, secure and service all your end users.

  • Discover your entire IT estate in real time at a glance and make fast, accurate decisions that result in breakthrough levels of efficient and value.
  • Manage your endpoint estate via the initial discovery to provision, configure and secure every device and app across your workforce.
  • Secure with zero trust for zero compromises. Protect with continuous threat management and secure access across every user, device, application and network—anywhere, anytime.
  • Service management of your devices and apps support, HR services and more for a smooth and efficient experience for your users.

RealServe IT and Ivanti can help give you peace of mind that you know what you have, that it’s secure, it’s managed and healed if need – automatically.

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