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Cloud Workspaces

Being able to provide your workforce the flexibility of where they can get their job done is more important than ever now. Cloud Workspaces gives you that flexibility, be it a private or public cloud, providing your users access to their data, applications and resources they require from anywhere.

Cloud Workspaces also provides you the central controls to implement changes rapidly, manage access rights and provision new users quickly and efficiently. Cloud Workspaces also provides data security as no data resides on the endpoint device thus reducing the risk surface area.

RealServe IT has many years of experience designing, deploying and managing some of the largest Cloud Workspace projects in the world having worked with banks, pharmaceutical and government on their projects. Whether you have a currently private cloud environment to manage/upgrade or wish to migrate to a public cloud environment, RealServe IT can help you reduce IT effort, complexity and ensure security on your Cloud Workspace projects.

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