ciso dashboard for sentinel

CISO Dashboard for Sentinel

Azure Sentinel status and alert at your fingertips

Organisations are adopting Microsoft clouds services such as Office365 and Azure, and part of that offering is Azure Sentinel. Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s security information event management and orchestration automated response solution (SIEM and SOAR).

CISO Dashboard for Sentinel provides dashboard views for different managerial levels, so a CISO can have a high level view of their compliance or IT Director have a real-time status of the security posture. As well as providing a dashboard, alerts can be set if any posture changes so IT can investigate and remediate if required.

Mobile Access is also provided so the full dashboard is presented in a mobile friendly format. The mobile dashboard has full drill down capabilities with fully integrated security.

Customization of the dashboard such as additional apps being monitored and alerted on are also available to add.

If you use Azure Sentinel, find out more on the CISO Dashboard by contacting us at RealServe IT.

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