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RES ONE Service Store

Empower the workforce through self-service, and automated delivery of apps and services.

Organizations can improve operational efficiency by automating business processes and IT service delivery. The RES ONE Service Store is lightweight and easily integrates with an organization’s existing technology, maximizing earlier investments without requiring expensive "rip and replace" projects.

RES can serve as a central identity warehouse, allowing IT teams to manage access by aggregating information from a variety of sources. RES ONE Service Store lays the foundation for IT to speak with the business on the right terms – as a strategic service provider.

Although some Enterprise App Stores may be a good start, that’s just the beginning.

Some App Stores are “one size fits all.” They contain every application available, and everyone is qualified to install them. With RES IT Store, you can eliminate costly over consumption. Regulations and policies may be used to limit application and service usage based on role, location or time.

Think beyond the apps. Application self-service probably only makes up 20% of all IT services -- the other 80% of IT services should be made available through proactive subscriptions. Does someone need a new printer? Make it a self-service request. Are forgotten passwords bogging down the help desk? Make the reset a self-service request. The possibilities are endless as services can become an automated request entered through the IT Store.

Automate. And do it proactively. If an App Store just kicks off a manual process that still needs to be fulfilled by traditional means, then what has IT gained? By leveraging the power of the RES IT Store, requests for IT services can be quickly delivered using the power of a robust, yet easy to use, automation engine. And what’s more, IT can predict which services a user will need

Why RES ONE Service Store?

  • Mobile app automation
  • Identity and classification
  • Service catalogue
  • Subscription engine
  • Workflow actions
  • Request fulfilment & personalization
  • Password reset
  • Service ratings
  • Workspace intelligence
  • Transaction Timelines
  • Integration with existing investments
  • A greater user experience with IT
  • A single point of access for IT Services

Mature Automation Workflow

RES IT Store’s automation engine means less time is spent fulfilling requests for IT services. Instead, the IT organization can focus on IT projects that add strategic value to the business.

Better End User Experience

End users can leverage self-service. By qualifying for services through the RES IT Store, users also will only receive the IT services that are appropriate for them

Improved Security & Compliance

With the automatic return of delivered services when people no longer qualify, security increases and compliance needs are met.

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RealServe IT’s expertise and experience within the virtual desktop space allowed us to make informed design decisions, which in turn meant we were able to define our project requirements more efficiently.

Kevin Page - Systems Development & Integration.


We are delighted to have been working with RealServe IT since 2008 and have no reservations in highly recommending them as a consulting partner; to provide expert services for our Atlantis ILIO product portfolio.

Rajiv Pimplaskar - Vice President of Sales.

Atlantis (Vendor)

The knowledge and flexibility of RealServe IT allowed them to work with us and not for us. They recognised our own skills and worked with us to architect a superior solution at a fraction of the time and cost.

Antony Pugh - IT Service Delivery Manager.

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