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RES ONE Automation

RES ONE Automation provides secure, efficient and lightweight automation capabilities.

Running IT operations like a business requires investments in automation that will drive growth and support transformation projects. IT departments need to find smarter and more efficient solutions to their daily struggles and mitigate the historically high costs of IT operations, where the costs of the actual hardware and software are often dwarfed by those of support and maintenance. This is especially true in the data centres which have become the life force of the modern business. Take for example a server: managing a server is nearly three times more expensive than buying one. This has led to an intense focus on automating IT service delivery processes, especially in the data centre.

RES ONE Automation eliminates the need to manually deliver services and apps, eliminating risk of error, creating a strong audit trail, and freeing up resources for projects with more strategic impact on the business.

Ease of use. Simple yet scalable architecture for automating IT, with extensive out-of-the-box knowledge and integration. Virtually anyone can automate their daily activities with increased control and better security and compliance, laying the foundation for IT as a Service. It's the best way to provision and de-provision services directly for the workforce and for datacentres.

Out-of-the-Box Knowledge

    Hundreds of Built-in Activities

  • Configuration
  • Security
  • Virtualization
  • Provisioning
  • System State

    Heterogeneous Support

  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Linux

    Comprehensive Integration

  • SaaS
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • IT Service Management
  • PC Lifecycle Management
  • Workspace virtualization
  • IT Store

Why RES ONE Automation?

  • Patented automation technologies
  • Lightweight and simple architecture
  • Ease of use and unlimited scalability
  • Supports any network topology
  • Extensive out-of-the-box knowledge
  • Fully automated end-to-end solution
  • Less manual integration and ad-hoc scripting
  • Easy to move from manual to automatic IT state
  • Short learning curve
  • Trust Security

Increase Operational Efficiency

Streamline complex operations and help free IT staff for strategic projects. Increase productivity with extensive out-of-the-box knowledge while minimizing ad-hoc, unsecure and complex scripting and provide a central point of automation.

Improve Compliance and Security

Control who can make changes to the IT environment with real-time audit capabilities and provide better governance. Patent pending Trust Security enables enterprises to automate with increased security and efficiency.

Gain Greater Strategic Value

Save costs by enabling quicker and more accurate deployments while leveraging existing technology investments. Eliminate single point of dependencies and empower anyone to manage anything from simple to complex change requests, with the control required by the expert.

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RealServe IT’s expertise and experience within the virtual desktop space allowed us to make informed design decisions, which in turn meant we were able to define our project requirements more efficiently.

Kevin Page - Systems Development & Integration.


We are delighted to have been working with RealServe IT since 2008 and have no reservations in highly recommending them as a consulting partner; to provide expert services for our Atlantis ILIO product portfolio.

Rajiv Pimplaskar - Vice President of Sales.

Atlantis (Vendor)

The knowledge and flexibility of RealServe IT allowed them to work with us and not for us. They recognised our own skills and worked with us to architect a superior solution at a fraction of the time and cost.

Antony Pugh - IT Service Delivery Manager.

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