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Performance Management

Key computing resources are now under IT's control with AppSense Performance Manager. Adding this control will result in consistent, high-quality user experience that reduces infrastructure costs by maximizing the number of users per server.

Adaptive resource controls optimize the user experience by prioritizing resource access for business-critical applications, while limiting resource to poorly behaving applications. As users drift between desktop and application delivery technologies, they continue to enjoy a seamless and responsive experience. This fosters high levels of user acceptance and additionally, the resource controls provided are proven to increase user density by over 40%.


  • User Resource Entitlement
  • Application Discovery Mode
  • CPU Smart Scheduling
  • Patented Thread Throttling
  • Physical Memory Control
  • Virtual Memory Optimization
  • Virtual Memory Limits
  • CPU Application Limits
  • CPU Reservations
  • CPU Affinity assignment
  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Key Benefits

  • Improve user experience, productivity and adoption
  • Hardware optimization and consolidation
  • Lower TCO
  • Increased server capacity

How It Works

Performance Manager consists of a Management Console, Agent and Configuration. The Console is the administrative tool for creating and managing configurations containing resource-based policies. The Performance Manager Agent resides on the managed end-point device along with the Configuration, which the Agent implements to manage the user resources.

A Central Statistics Server is an optionally installed Microsoft SQL Server on which historical performance data is collected from managed end-point devices. A comprehensive range of textual and graphical reports showing application and user resource can be generated from the performance data stored in the Central Statistics Server.

Performance Manager can operate either in Standalone mode or Enterprise mode. In Standalone mode, the Console and Agent are installed locally and Configurations are deployed by saving directly to the local end-point device. In Enterprise mode, Configurations are stored centrally and deployed remotely to multiple managed end-point devices via the AppSense Management Center or other 3rd party orchestration solution.

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