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Environment Management

AppSense Environment Manager (EM) allows you to control user profiles, logon scripts and AD Group Policy all through one easy to use interface. Its intelligent trigger mechanism performs actions only when users perform specific actions (e.g. only load Adobe Acrobat Reader registry keys when the user launches the application).

Its intelligent processing allows you to improve user logon times by ensuring only necessary processing occurs at logon time, other application compatibility can be performed at application launch time. EM also spreads the profile load more evenly throughout the day, reducing bottlenecks at peak logon and logoff times.

AppSense Personalization within EM ensures that all your applications maintain the user settings without the need for traditionally problematic roaming profiles. User personalisation is centralised into a database and extracted when required by the user. EM also includes a discovery process to allow you to understand which applications are utilised within your environment and how they are being used. Together with the EM migration tool will help deliver a smooth migration from existing Windows profiles to AppSense Personalization.


  • Centralized user management
  • Enterprise-wide user policy + personalization controls
  • On-demand user delivery to any desktop, plus offline mode
  • IT-managed OS and application user controls
  • Helpdesk user snapshots, rollback and self-healing
  • User self-service options

Key benefits

  • Simplifies Windows 7 migrations and deployment
  • Dramatically reduces desktop and support costs
  • Improved density and control in VDI and published desktops
  • Eliminates roaming profile corruption
  • Seamless physical and virtual desktop integration

How it Works

The user settings are redirected from the original physical registry, file and system location to a virtualized area called the Personal Virtual Cache (PVC). This also serves as a virtual user layer across all physical desktops, managing the user once, across every platform, which makes all application sessions interchangeable and part of the service-provision fabric. The virtualized user can now be decoupled from the current operating system and the same central settings are applied to all delivery methods without saving settings or having to logoff or log back in.

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