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SentryBay Armoured Client for Citrix

Protecting your Citrix sessions for malicious cyber-attacks with SentryBay.

SentryBay s Armoured Client for Citrix securely wraps the Citrix receiver - providing key endpoint and browser security for connections to XenDesktop and XenApp installations. The solution overcomes existing security threats such as keylogging, browser vulnerabilities, DNS poisoning and session hijacking.

The Armoured Client for Citrix allows organizations to quickly and easily deploy corporate Citrix desktops and applications to any managed and unmanaged PC without concerns.

Why Sentrybay's Armoured Client for Citrix

Flexibility - Adapting to changing businesses needs
As businesses facilitate more flexible working practices, Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp is the ideal technology to meet this requirement.

Citrix provides a very secure architecture, however one challenge has always remained, that of the integrity and state of the endpoint being used to run the Citrix Receiver.

The Armoured Client for Citrix is a simple to install and use application. The employee / partner installs this on their own PC to access Citrix remotely via the corporate access gateway.

For the business it means they are no longer concerned with the state of the endpoint, solving key security and compliance issues.

Security & Compliance - Secure by design

The Armoured Client for Citrix ensures confidentiality and removes risk of data loss prevention and unwanted intrusions from the most advanced Cyberattacks today. Regardless of the state of the security posture of the user s unmanaged endpoint, when the application is launched, a temporary secure desktop is guaranteed for the entire session, including the authentication process.

The Armoured Client also protects the Citrix authentication process on the desktop from sophisticated Malware and spoofing type attacks.

The Armoured Client uses patented technology which stands up to security scrutiny, thus you can assure regulators that allowing non-managed PC s to be used remotely to access Citrix meets compliance.

Key Features:

  • Protected Citrix logon Process
  • Creation of separate user sessions
  • Creation of separate desktop sessions
  • Anti-Tampering Protection
  • DLL Injection Protection
  • EntryProtect anti-keylogging
  • PhishLock anti-phishing
  • DNS/host file protection
  • Encryption of browser data
  • Leave-no-trace upon closing
  • Document/Transaction signing
  • Interoperability with other authentication mechanisms
  • PKI support

Endpoint Security Mitigations:

The Armoured Client for Citrix provides protection against hackers and sophisticated Malware on the Windows endpoint from:

  • Keylogging
  • Screen Captures
  • DNS & other Spoofing attacks
  • Drive by attacks
  • Session Hijacking
  • Phishing
  • DDL injection

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