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SentryBay Armoured Browser

Protect your Web / SaaS / Cloud applications from malicious attacks. Today's advanced threat from key-loggers, screen capture and more, pose a risk to both corporate and personal devices. 

The Armored Browser software consists of a secure browser and the patented SentryBay EntryProtect (EP) software. The Armored Browser protects the user’s browser session from malicious software and hackers whilst providing the same user experience as a standard browser session. This delivers enhanced protection on both managed and un-managed devices.

The Armored Browser requires no back-end system so it can be deployed quickly. The seamless browser experience requires no additional training for users as it provides a native experience. 

The SentryBay Armored Browser allows organisations to quickly deliver users secure access to web applications.


  • Protect your web applications from malicious activity
  • Easy to deploy & maintain
  • Eliminate browser compatibility issues
  • Overcome compliance issues regarding un-managed devices
  • Enable users to use their own devices securely
  • No Additional IT resources required
  • Cloud Management for deployment and revocation (optional)


  • Allows organisations to deliver their web-based services with the knowledge that they are secure
  • Allows users internally and remotely to access web services securely
  • Ability to revoke users access to the browser
  • Assist Compliance on un-managed devices with its DLP and revocation features.
  • Browser sessions are protected from Key Loggers, Screen Capture, Spyware, Malware, Spoofing, Phishing, Hackers and more

Key Features:

  • MAC and Windows Editions
  • Anti-keylogging
  • Anti-Screen capture
  • PhishLock anti-phishing
  • DNS/host file protection
  • Encryption of browser data
  • Leave-no-trace upon closing
  • Cloud Management

Endpoint Security Mitigation:

The Armored Browser provides protection against hackers and sophisticated Malware on the endpoint from:

  • Keylogging
  • Screen Captures
  • DNS & other Spoofing attacks
  • Drive by attacks
  • Session Hijacking
  • Phishing
  • DLL injection

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