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Stealth - Making Your IT Assets Invisible and Secure

Securing the corporate network and data from theft or intrusion is an essential part of protecting corporate assets and intellectual property. As well as cyber criminals, there is an ever growing risk from within as employees and system administrators intentionally, or unintentionally, seek to gain access to large amounts of data on the corporate network.

With the adoption of mobile workforce strategies and with more data being accessed outside the traditional corporate environment, corporate data is seen to be at a higher risk.

In a recent Cisco survey conducted amongst 1000 end users and 1000 IT professionals, they discovered that security policies, procedures, and tools currently in place are at risk by employees around the world who are engaging in behaviours that put corporate and personal data at risk, see below:

  • Unauthorized application use: 70% of IT professionals believe the use of unauthorized programs / applications resulted in as many as half of their companies' data loss incidents.
  • Misuse of corporate computers: 44% of employees share work devices with others without supervision.
  • Unauthorized physical and network access: 39% of IT professionals said they have dealt with an employee accessing unauthorized parts of a company's network or facility.
  • Remote worker security: 46% of employees admitted to transferring files between work and personal computers when working from home.
  • Misuse of passwords: 18% of employees share passwords with co-workers. This rate jumps to 25% in China, India, and Italy.

The need to guarantee confidentiality and integrity of data within shared infrastructures is growing exponentially. Securing information within the network and while data is in motion is more important than ever, but at the same time must not hinder availability to trusted services or people.

So how can you tackle this?

Unisys Stealth™ renders users, data and infrastructure undetectable to unauthorised systems, users or external cyber criminals. If the User is not in the specified COI (Community of Interest) then they cannot see or communicate with it, rendering the associated service(s) ‘dark’ on the network.

Confidentiality and disclosure of data is restricted to COI members only. Integrity of data is protected as is bit shredded for in-flight protection and only accepted by other COI members. Availability of data and services is assured, but only those who need to know (COI members).

Where Unisys Stealth can be used?

Unisys Stealth can be used for Regional Isolation, Data Centre Segmentation, Secure Remote Users and provide Secure Data Traffic over the Public Internet as well as any other network where services require protection.

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