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Desktop and Server Asset Tracking and Management

Desktop and Server estates in multinational companies are inevitably complex environments as they deliver world class business functionality to users and huge amounts of processing power and storage diverse environments. For a number of reasons, enterprise level companies will have a mix of operating environments, complex bespoke systems and virtualisation technologies, all of which contribute their own difficulties when it comes to identifying, tracking and licensing across user devices and server estates. Many large enterprises have invested heavily in inventory tools, configuration management tools and Central Management Databases but merging and analysing these multiple sources to create a single version of the truth is extremely difficult.

The Asset Tracking and Management Service unique systems and approach enables a company to become compliant, maintain compliance and build a concrete strategy based on factual data relating to the client and server estates. These estates can be desktops, laptops, tablets and PDA end points or Windows and/or Unix servers or a combination, all can be covered.


  • Virtualisation/Citrix – What licensing impact does this have on the multiple systems and software that is deployed through a thin client medium?
  • Am I using what I am paying for?
  • Device coverage – are all the mobile devices covered? How do I ensure that stock is included effectively?
  • How do I track and measure licenses that do not have a digital footprint such as Client Access Licenses?
  • Mixed responsibilities with multiple outsourcers creating more complexities around licensing.
  • The impact of test and development and disaster recovery environments.


  • Virtualisation – what licensing impact does this have on the multiple systems and software that is deployed virtually?
  • Unix operating systems – most tools are not designed to effectively track and gather data in these environments.
  • Database technologies – Oracle, SQL, DB2 – complex licensing rules that are not governed solely by an installation or usage.
  • In house developed systems – these will have been built and designed on external vendor’s software and intellectual property in many cases – how to track and monitor these systems?
  • Mixed responsibilities with multiple outsourcers creating more complexities around licensing.
  • The impact of test and development, disaster recovery, clustered and active / passive elements of the client estate.

What are the key areas that large enterprises typically struggle with?

The Approach:

These complexities mean that reliance on one tool will simply not deliver the level of intelligence required. Through our tool agnostic approach; the Livingstone Intelligence Platform, we are able to take multiple inventory and configuration management tools, together with manually gathered data where required, that is all processed and cleansed in one place to create a single and solid version of the truth. How do we do this? In short:

  • Extract the raw back-end databases from the various systems utilised by client (for example; SCCM, Snow, FlexNet Manager Suite, Centennial, BMC ADDM, Tivoli Configuration Manager, CA)
  • Process these through the Livingstone Intelligence Platform which provides state of the art software recognition utilising multiple commercial engines and our own libraries.
  • Identify the areas where the tool data is not sufficient and provide targeted and relevant extract requests for these areas (user lists/script running/internal application logs).
  • Merge, collate, cleanse and de-duplicate all the data.
  • Map to licensing entitlement and terms.
  • Deliver a detailed baseline together with risk and opportunities.

From this start point we can evolve an on-going iterative process to best fit how you want to operate moving forwards.

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